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About us

Humidorstore originated from a passion for smoking cigars and everything surrounding the experience of smoking a cigar. As someone who appreciates exclusive smokeables, I know like no other how important it is to carefully store your cigars away, we like to do this in a high quality humidors. But also a proper cigar lighter and a beautiful ashtray enhance the overall experience of smoking a cigar.

Humidorstore supplies it’s customers in all their smoking needs. Whether you’re looking for an unique handcrafted humidor, a beautiful ashtray, a special cigar cutter/scissor or a high quality cigar lighter. Humidorstore has it, and everything directly available from stock! We ship your order within 24 hours!

If you have any questions, please contact us at: info@humidorstore.co.uk

Humidorstore - Everyting for the cigar smoker