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Tips: How to store your cigars?

To get the most out of your valuable cigars, we would like to advice you to keep the following 4 things in mind.

1) Ventilating your humidor

Fresh air is of great importance for a good atmosphere within your humidor. A full humidor should at least be ventilated once every two weeks. This doesn’t mean that you can simply leave your humidor open for a while, it’s best to fully ventilate your humidor by emptying and rearranging it. This means that you need to take all of your cigars out of the humidor and rearrange them one by one in a different order.

2) Optimal temperature in your humidor

It’s best to keep your filled humidor in a room where the temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees Celcius. With lower temperatures, you may distort the aging process of the cigars. With higher temperatures, your cigars may experience rotting. It is therefore very important that you keep an eye on the temperature of the room where your humidor is located, for example during hot summers.

3) Duration storage cigars and humidity

Well kept cigars are able to be stored for an unlimited amount of time. As cigars age, they get a more subtle and softer taste. Ideally, cigars are stored for up to 6 months in a high-quality humidor with a constant humidity in between 65 and 75 percent right after purchase. To measure the humidity, you can use a hygrometer.

Click and download: Humidor Instruction Manual

Cigars in humidor

Longfillers & Mediumfillers

The so called longfiller cigars commonly originate from Cuba. Besides longfillers there are also mediumfillers, which originate from the Dominican Republic or Brazil. These are best kept with a humidity level of 70%.


Shortfiller cigars mostly originate from countries who are not able to grow tobacco themselves. Shortfillers are typical Dutch cigars and are best kept with a humidity level of 40%.

4) Always place your cigars ‘naked’ within your humidor

Cigars are often delivered within a cellophane packaging material, which helps to maintain the humidity to a certain extent during transport. During transport this has many advantages, however, when storing your cigars it only has disadvantages. When storing your cigars it is advised to remove the packaging from the cigars before you place them in your humidor.

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Questions, tips and advice: 

Do i need to use humidifier solution? 

We always recommend to use our humidifier solution instead of ‘regular’ water. Our humidifier solution will help keep mold away from your fine cigars as well as chalk and will keep your cigars in perfect condition. 

How to calibrate your hygrometer for a humidor?

What you need is a re-closeable bag, a small bottle cap and some regular salt. Place the hygrometer in the bag with a small bottle cap with two tablespoons of regular salt and a small drop of water. 
Leave the hygrometer for 10 to 12 hours in a closed bag. After that the hygrometer should be reading 75 percent. (If there is a magnet under the hygrometer please remove before you put this in the bag). 
If the hygrometer is not reading 75 percent after the 8 to 12 hours you can adjust the hygrometer with a small screwdriver at the backside of the hygrometer. After you adjust the hygrometer you can put it back in the bag to make sure the hygrometer is calibrated correctly.